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Commercial Pools/Spas

Commercial pools/spas are susceptible to advanced etching, staining, and breaking down due to higher bathing loads, increased chemical use, and higher temperatures with spas.  This causes more frequent resurfacing and unneeded costs over time.  

Traditional pool finishes have PH balancing issues which also require increased chemical additions and break down over time.  When it breaks down, Total Dissolved Solids increase.  As the TDS increases, keeping the water balanced and clear becomes more difficult and requires increased chemicals.  These increased chem usage further breaks down the surface and is less healthy for guests. 


PolyVyro Finishes are an advanced thermo-plastic coating with best-in-industry bonding system that is PH neutral and does not break down.  Tested under 7000 hours of straight UV lights, it does not fade, chalk, peel, or crack.  It is chemical resistant, stain resistant, and works in or out of water.  It does not require a "hot start" like traditional pool finishes and requires far less chemical usage with maintenance.  PolyVyro Finishes are also repairable with color consistency.  It does not require complete resurfacing or ugly, inconsistent colored patches like pool plasters.  This means more cost savings and quicker turn around and down time for your guests.

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